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Tiger Cubs Ages 4-6 yrs

We refer to this program as our early years Martial Arts Program which has been specifically designed for children 4 and 5 years of age. Children within this age group benefit from our Tiger Rock curriculum which develops both sides of the body with symmetrical movements. When learning takes place in this balanced manner, both hemispheres of the brain are encouraged to develop simultaneously. Our Cubs learn to focus their attention, increase their confidence, and improve their coordination.

Specialized Curriculum

The early development that occurs for children between the ages of 4-5 is crucial for building physical, social, and cognitive abilities. The Tiger-Rock Tiger-Cubs™ training program aids in this development through play-based action scenarios, staged physical challenges, and cognitive development drills. Students strengthen their ability to process instructions, focus on objectives, and interact amongst peers inside an energetic and fun martial arts based experience. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts instructors are extremely gentle and patient with participants. Positive feedback, gentle motivation, and encouragement are the principles of instruction.

“SUCCESSFUL 7” Life Skills

The main emphasis of the Tiger-Rock Cubs program is to provide the instruction, structure, and environment to enhance the development of children between the ages of 4 & 5. This specialized program is focused on the particular needs of this age including physical maturation, coordination, social skills, self concept, attention span, mental acuity, safety awareness, and self discipline. Each of the 7 steps in our Tiger Cub belt ranking system represent the development of a physical, social, or life skill. Graduates of our Tiger Cubs program will be equipped with The “Successful 7” skills required to achieve continued success in life both on and off the mat. Tiger Cubs  also have opportunities to participate in our Regional, National & World Championships.

Cubs may enter our program anytime between their fourth and sixth birthdays. Try our introductory course today to see if your child is ready for Tiger Rock Martial Arts.