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Gain Academic Success From our Trained, Dedicated, and Passionate Tutors

The Tiger-Rock Academic Team are trained tutors who have worked with students of all ages and abilities. Our staff, and facility, was founded by, and is run by a former teacher. His experience and wisdom enable tutors to teach students life-long skills and lessons. We believe the most powerful tool for tutoring a child is the tone, intention, focus, and direction of instructions being given. We use transitional language, speech that flows from one idea to the next, when tutoring students to make sure we're guiding them toward success.

Our goal is to improve a students' grades while building self-confidence, organizational skills, and study habits. We understand that academic come first, that's why each child has the responsibility of holding up their grades in the classroom. With the help of our elite staff, students will quickly improve their grades and become better at learning.

The objective of our academic team is to help unveil your child's true potential by limiting the struggles they face outside of the mat. With our custom tutoring, top-notch curriculum, and a staff that cares your kid is on their way to getting a black belt in education!

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