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Juniors Ages 6-11

gal10The Tiger-Rock Junior Martial Arts™ training program stimulates confidence and leadership through achievement and physical skill building. Participants between the ages of 6-11 will enjoy participating in the various athletic and artistic elements of class that cultivate them into becoming skilled martial artists.  We incorporate Tiger Rock Bully Know curriculum to further reinforce the skills needed to empower children when faced with bullies.

Our Junior Tiger Rock Martial Arts program offers daily lessons for ages 6 and up. These lessons develop self-esteem and confidence, teach discipline and self-control,  help channel energy, develop lifelong self  defense skills, are fun and  encourage positive work and academic values.

Important achievements are marked by a progressive belt rank system that rewards students for meeting their goals. The 15 step R15E curriculum is the Tiger Rock Life Skills program that compliments and accompanies students during each step of this journey.

Students are continually asked to achieve new levels both physically and emotionally. Our environment, though  demanding, is one of achievement through individual growth. By focusing and trying hard, our students realize that they can be highly successful in Tiger Rock Martial Arts and in life.

Our Honors and Leaders program, and our Demonstration Team are additional life skills opportunities that students have the opportunity to be invited to participate in.


Tiger Rock Martial artists are encouraged to enhance their training by growth through competition. All students who maximize their skills through our unlimited training opportunities will be invited to attend our District Championships, our National Championships, and our World Championships. Participation is optional but encouraged.